is my Isatphone pro waterproof?

The basic response is no. Although Inmarsat provide a conventional YEAR makers service warranty versus parts and labor it does not nonetheless cover the phone being immersed in water.

Isatphone professional satellite phone is quite hardy, and utilized to our rough conditions and consists of rubber buttons, rubber surrounds and rubber grommets to keep out dust to make it water resistant. The definition being water resistant and not water resistant.

So in answer to, is my Isatphone pro satellite phone waterproof if submerge, d we believe the water would survive and permeate in to the motherboard make the phone worthless.

To obtain around this, 90+ percent of our customers at au have purchased the 1170 Pelican situation, beginning at a price of simply $84. The obvious point about the Pelican instance is that they are dustproof, water-proof and shockproof. So not just do they strengthen your investment but they likewise keep all the accessories in one location.

We would certainly obtain 10 telephone call a day with the requirement for a brand-new cigarette lighter charger, magnetic roof place aerial or keys battery charger, or just a USB cable television that have gone missing from the packet. So this is where the Pelican case enters its very own, not only will it shield your financial investment being the satellite phone itself from the elements outside when you’re utilizing it however also it will certainly maintain in people the accessories in one spot.

In our encounter it is typically not the buyer that is making use of the phone but an end user, and because of this they could not always care for the financial investment of the satellite phone as you would do if you are the owner. To this end it is not uncommon for us to see damage isatphone professional gps have actually rolled off the front seat when needing to stop difficult or reviewing a pit, so we strongly advise the Pelican instance as a means of strengthening their financial investment in the phone itself yet additionally the add-ons.

At $50 simply to change the cigarette lighter charger on its very own, you can see that by getting a Pelican situation the time of buying phone could commonly be terrific accounting, not just would it safeguard the phone but in keeping the devices with each other you will locate that the demand to replace devices at nearly the same expense of the instance itself comes to be restricted.

So safeguard your investment today with a Pelican 1170 custom moulded significant five satellite phone case. You could acquire or by calling us on one 1300 155 803

Writer John Whitley is Chief Executive Officer of and a seven year pro of satellite interactions for the wilderness of Australia

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